One who breaks bread with another

This is a response to the prompt of “companion.

I love the origins of the word ‘companion.’

It is more nuanced than that of friend or pal or acquaintance or buddy. It’s Old French origin is compaignon, which literally means ‘one who breaks bread with another.’

Screenshot 2016-06-21 09.39.25

I love the visualization of breaking bread, sharing a meal. It shows intention. Kindness. Hospitality. Warmth. Fullness.

This is someone whom you spend face to face time with. You don’t just share about your experiences to each, you share your experiences with each other. They are with you, physically and emotionally.

A while ago my wife and I had the idea to use our kitchen table as a guestbook for our companions – those who have been in our house, broken bread with us, and shared in conversation and in life.

We haven’t had many signatures yet, but hope to eventually have a table full of them to look back on.



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