It’s hard to truly experience joy. Even when things are going well we tend to let anxiety or stress override feelings of joy. And often when we think of the future we think of the foreboding details. We just assume bad things are going to happen. And that makes it hard to enjoy and remain in the present.

It’s something that I am practicing doing, though. I’m trying to be intentional about living in the moment, being present wherever I might be. I want this to be especially true in the moments of peace and joy. But that’s hard.

Brene Brown calls this foreboding joy.

Even when life is going well or we find ourselves in a moment of peace, our minds run off with supposed premonitions of our future. Life is going to well right now, what is around the corner?

Someone I love is going to get sick.
I’m going to get in a car accident.
I’ll lose my job. 
Someone I know is going to get killed.

Those are dramatic scenarios, but it’s where our minds often run to when we are experiencing joy. It’s a strange thing.

This weekend I was challenged to live in the moment. I had the entire weekend off while my mom watched our boys. We’ve had a hectic month and so it was extremely nice to be able to have some rest from having to watch them. On top of that, our best friends also had the weekend off. (We only get one weekend off a month in our job.) So we made plans to hang out with each other on Saturday night. And we did. And I remember as time ticked away that night trying to simply be present in the moment and soak in the feelings of joy as much as I could.

And I did. And it was very pleasant.

As the weekend came to a close I started to feel a bit constrained, but I was still not letting that distract me from enjoying my time with Sarah as we went out to eat together.

So I’m getting better. How are you with enjoying the moment you’re in?


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