My life (and my home) is consistently filled with amazing women. Currently, my job is to live with and teach to seven complex and impassioned young women. Sarah, my full-time coworker and life partner, is the strongest and hardest working woman I know. Our assistant Tara, who works with us 45 hours a week, is a dedicated and humble woman with a huge heart. Our senior assistant is a devoted and loyal woman who has worked at Boys Town for decades. Our consultant Lori is an indefatigable genius who has been our loyal support and mentor for almost a year now. And my mom Cindy and my aunt Mary Ann are two of the most generous and selfless people I know, and they go above and beyond to help Sarah and me with watching Micah and Ezra from time to time, oftentimes at a last minute’s notice.

There’s a common thread among the amazing women in my life. It’s that they are all uncompromising in their values to love and care for others. They are women of compassion, empathy, strength, optimism, fortitude, and integrity.

They are people whom I look up to and am shaped by. I celebrate them today, and am grateful.

Happy International Women’s Day! 




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