The way of wonder opens doors and builds bridges. It works from a place of awe. It responds to beauty with admiration and with gratitude. Wonder seeks out the unexpected and unfamiliar with excitement and with hope. It asks questions that don’t have answers. It’s does not grow anxious. Wonder works from a place of humility. It remains courageous in the presence of the divine, the miraculous, the mysterious, the paradoxical.

The way of what-if builds walls. It works from a place of fear. It doesn’t appreciate the beauty around it. It avoids the unexpected and unfamiliar, lives with a sense of dread and doubt. It believes there are answers to every question. What-if is often uneasy and insecure. It covers up its imperfections with prideful assumptions. It makes claims for the divine. What-if avoids the miraculous, the mysterious, and the paradoxical.

Wonder is happy and communes with joy.
What-if is stoic. And lives alongside misery.

Wonder shines bright, bringing others along with it.
What-if is filled with shadows, and pushes others away.

Wonder seeks out paths of possibilities.
What-if looks for dead ends.

Wonder dreams in peace.
What-if tosses and turns in restlessness.

Seek out wonder.



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