A few months ago I ordered a book of photography of the work of Jamie Livingston. From 1979 until 1997 he took a Polaroid picture every single day. It isn’t the quality of his pictures that make his photography great. It’s the consistent and dedicated capturing of daily moments that create one incredible narrative.

There are a couple websites of his work on the internet set up by a man named Hugh Crawford. An older one: and a newer one:

There are few photographers that I find more inspiring.

There are no words or written stories with his photographs. You have to piece together the stories of his life one picture at a time over the course of the last 18 years of his life.

Some days I go visit the website of his pictures and get lost for quite a while, meandering my way through his daily life.

Tomorrow a book of all 6754 pictures that he took arrives. I am sure that I will be visiting this book very frequently.


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