Today I went to therapy for the first time in my life. It was an interesting experience for me. I took many counseling classes in grad school where I learned about how to be a good therapist. I learned a number of various theories about how to approach people to help them. I’ve never been on the other couch before.

It was an intake session, so the questions were broad and of the get-to-know you sort. She asked me questions that made my brain feel like it was sparking all over the place. A random memory here. A sudden insight or thought here. It was a challenge trying to decide what to focus on and bring up and what not to bring up knowing I only had about 45 minutes to do so.

Where do I even start? Do I just pick a thought or memory and run with it? Do I try to piece together a bunch of thoughts and memories to give her a condensed narrative of my life? Is that even possible?

I do think this will be very good for me. Just the process of telling a stranger about myself was in and of itself therapeutic without even needing to discover any insights or come up with goals or strategies for my future.

Apparently my life was captivating enough for the therapist to not fall asleep. So there’s at least that.

I love that my first day of therapy is also the day that my book of photos by Jamie Livingston came in the mail. I wrote about this yesterday, but I got this book months ago and have been waiting impatiently for it ever since.

The book is 768 pages. 9 photos to a page.

Here’s what it looks like.

His whole adult life in pictures. The viewers are left with the task of de-coding them into a narrative. Each picture is a story in itself. The page of nine pictures is as well. Then when you combine the whole thing together you get a glimpse into the various moments of Jamie’s life.

It’s incredibly inspiring to me. I love everything about it. Deeply captivating.

I am sure I will become very familiar with this book over the course of my own adult life. I hope to also take pictures of the moments that surround me like he has. Sometimes I do that on my blog.


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