Even when I have a day off or lots of free time I usually am content to simply stay home and lounge about. But very few memories have come from staying home. Those sorts of days all blur together. But when I take advantage of the opportunities to get out of the house with family or friends it gives opportunity to make memories.

Yesterday the temperature squeaked past 60 degrees. Looking ahead at the forecast I only saw cold and rainy days ahead and I knew that we all needed to enjoy this weather while we still could.

Sarah asked me if I wanted to go to the park with her and the boys and it was an easy “yes.” I grabbed my camera and we headed off to the park to enjoy the last couple hours of good sunlight and warmth in the air.

When I have an experience I like to think I’ve created another little wrinkle on my brain, one where I process and take in the moments of my children getting older. The moments seeing Sarah laugh with our kids as they play together in the glow of golden hour.

These are the moments that I like to look back to when things get busy or hard. I go back to that wrinkle to recall the laughs and the joy of those moments. Moments I would not have to look back on had we chosen to simply stay home.











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