I love documenting details from my life. Whether it be journaling or taking photos and videos, I love to have things to look back on to remember what life was like. Part of the the joy of it all for me is also being able to share my documented moments with friends and family online.

I take lots of photos of my girls as well, but due to privacy laws I am unable to share photos or detailed descriptions of them. So I have a handful of what I would consider very good photos and I am unable to share them publicly with anyone. Moments of laughter, love, surprise, and connection. But I am unable to share those moments with you.

My friends and family, and the online community I share things with, know that we have eight teenage girls, but most have never met them and do not even know their names. They remain nameless and faceless. They remain abstract and fantastic.

But I have the photos. I promise you they have names and faces. Oh how I wish I could show you.




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