I took a week off of responding to the daily prompts. But today I’m back.

I just made it through a very busy week and weekend. It feels good to make it to Monday. My wife and I are off today. I have therapy in a little less than an hour. And I have some time today that I’ll be able to spend doing whatever I want.

My brain is all over the place right now. It’s hard for me to focus. Probably a result of both not writing for a week and having a busier than normal week. So maybe I’ll just write in short bursts the things that are rapid-firing in my brain right now:


I’ve only had two therapy sessions thus far. One of the hardest things for me is trying to figure out beforehand what I want to talk about in the hour of therapy. I know this isn’t cheap and I am only going every other week, so I want my time to count. I don’t want therapy to be a time where I just stroke my ego in some sort of self-serving, look how good I am at reflecting about myself, kind of way. I want to get into the dirt. I want to get the the point where I’m brutally honest with myself about my shortcomings, flaws, and weaknesses. So far we haven’t done much of that. Today I might bring this up.


Yesterday was Easter and I didn’t go to church. This is because I don’t have a church home anymore, and that makes me sad. I feel religiously homeless. The local church has been such a huge part of my life over the years, and not having one here while working at Boys Town is really starting to wear on my soul.


I’m tired of the cold weather. It’s the second day of April and looking at the future forecast, I don’t see a warm day coming anytime soon. I’m so ready to get on my bike again or grab my backpack and go out to a state park somewhere and just spend the day in nature. I feel like my body needs it.

If I can’t find a church home, I may as well dwell with the Divine in his temple. I guess I have a deep desire to get down in the dirt both psychologically and physically.


The sky is grey again today.
I woke up feeling refreshed, though. Not radiant, but refreshed.

This is somewhat surprising considering my kids keep getting up at around 5:30.

We’ll see how the rest of this day goes. I know this post didn’t have much substance. But it still was nice to get up and go through the morning ritual of it. I need to just always remember that.



3 thoughts on “Radiant

  1. I have been in therapy for about 3 months now and I have to say that the first month or so felt like we were just getting to know each other. I brought that up and that I felt like I was hitting a plateau in my progress. The next 2 sessions had me turned upside down, I guess in good ways. Lot’s to think about. I hate pointing people to my blog, it’s feels phony or cheesy, so please know there is zero pressure, but if you are curious I did write about this very thing, it’s called Ripple Effects, it was a contribution on another Bloggers site: https://jamesedgarskye.com/2018/03/21/ripple-effect/. Wishing you well on your journey! Again, no pressure to read the link!!! For real.

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