So it ends up that the changes I’ve made in my life recently are only chapter one in my journey to make healthier routines in my life. I

Get up and out of bed when the kids get up.
Write at my desk each morning in my office as they play together.
Attend individual therapy twice a month.

Those have been good, but they’re clearly just the start.

My wife has been making positive changes in her life, too. She’s been on a diet in which she eats very little sugar and almost entirely natural foods. She’s been doing really well with it thus far. She’s also been going to the gym everyday and attending classes and working out.

That has been a huge step for her. She’s really proud of her progress, and so am I. It’s been quite impressive to see her devoting herself to these routines.

As Sarah has been at the gym, I’ve been taking time to learn photography techniques and read about the history of photography. I recently got a roll of black and white film for one of my film cameras to shoot while I’m out and about. I also got a backdrop stand with a couple fabric backdrops for portraits.

I’m getting more comfortable with my confidence as a photographer. Knowing what I like. Knowing what my style is. Knowing how a picture will look before I take it.

Hollywood Candy

Phone booth

Hollywood Candy

Over the weekend I decided that I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made thus far, but much more still needs to be done. I like specific achievable goals. I’m not really a fan of vague or general goals that don’t have measurable successes.

So I decided that there were some significant changes that I needed to make in regards to the time that I spend with my wife. Because my wife and I are co-workers working in our own home boundaries are blurred between our work life and our personal life. But it’s been more and more clear to me that our time together has been very much work-centric. And that has made it hard to have quality personal time with each other. And then we end up getting into arguments or disagreements about what should have gotten done during the day or who should do what.

I just need to be wiser with how I budget my time.

I spend way too much time on Facebook and Twitter. And although I have for years fought against people just stopping using it because it truly is an amazing tool to connect with others around the world, I decided that it was taking up too much of my brain energy and time, especially during the times I’m with Sarah.

So I disabled my Facebook account completely and deleted my Twitter account off phone, which is the only place I really use it.

I’ve also decided that I need to get more sleep by simply going to bed earlier. After a long day I feel like I deserve to stay up and do some things that I want to do before bed, but then I end up staying up to midnight or later. My kids often get up before 6:00 am, so that’s a draining schedule to keep.

I’m a better person if I just go to bed earlier.

Lastly, I’ve decided that Sarah and I need to discuss our schedule at the start of each day so we know who is doing what, when it needs to happen, and how. So that we don’t blame each other when various things don’t get done.

These three things I think are a good chapter two in my journey of changes and healthier routines. We’ll see how they go!


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