“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Practicing writing leads to good storytelling,
which leads to empathy,
which leads to us loving one other better.

My name is Andrew.
I have two preschool boys, eight teenage girls, a wife, a dog, and camera.

This blog is in response to Automattic’s The Daily Post.
It is a way for me to be challenged to always be writing.
It’s where I do most of my writing.

But I do have a few more blogs for those interested.
I write less frequently, but with more planning and thought at amseaman.com 
I write in more of a journal style at theoverlap.blog
I post my photography at andrews.photos

Things I like:

being moved to tears by a well-told story.
television shows.
smoky whiskeys.
taking lots of pictures.
a cool breeze on a sunny day.
watching sports on a Sunday afternoon.
online communities.
being challenged by a powerful sermon.
inspiring empathy.
learning how to love better.
natural light.
long talks with friends.
being hospitable.
listening to books on Audible.
the first sip of freshly brewed coffee.
snow capped mountains.
my dog falling asleep in my lap.
watching the sun rise at the beach with a friend.
being part of a diverse community.
the sound of my home filled with laughter.
dad jokes.
hearing my kids play nicely with each other.
making fresh bread.
having friends stay at our home.
bike rides late into the night.
the connection I feel to the author of a good memoir.